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. …The crew for this operation was outstanding. No quitters in this bunch. Two of the weapons we brought onboard were quite hairy, almost getting away from the NUWC Newport handling crew. Everything was handled with care and safety in mind and we had success. The food was outstanding, thanks for the munchies that were available between meals. Capt Chris was the consummate team player…a true craft master who is comfortable on the open ocean.
…the Direct TV feed was an unexpected pleasure. We had the news each and every day, and everyone liked the service.
The crane aft was very nice, appeared well maintained and now is
ordnance certified. I also hope the crew mentioned to you that we towed one of the weapons overnight due to recovery conditions. I just wanted to tell you that this is very uncommon and the guys did a great job with this unexpected change. Many would have been nervous doing a weapon tow all night, not your guys, nice!
Overall, thanks and a great job supporting the navy and Operational Evaluation of new weapons systems.

Rick Donofrio
Undersea Warfare Div.
7970 Diven Street
Norfolk VA 23505

"...the captain's professional ship handling and patient response to ever changing requirments during TWA 800 operations or the many weapons stand-bys or the F-16 serch and recovery operation off South Caroline last year was significatnt to the success of the tasks at hand."

Craig Bagley
Manager, Government Operations

"...Naval Undersea Warfare Center has used M/V Atlantic Surveyor a number of times in the past few years for torpedo recovery and exercise command ship functions in support of MK48 ADCAP and MK50 Shallow Water Test and Evaluation Exercises. In all instances Captain F. Kurt Perl and his crew have proven capable, reliable and thoroughly professional.  ...on every occasion I have been impressed with the professionalism and cooperative attitude displyed by Capt. Perl and his crew. The outstanding performance of the Surveyor has always made an important contribution to the success of our operations."

Thomas R. Waugh
John Thompson
Deptartment of the Navy
Naval Undersea Warfare Center
Newport, RI  

  "...Captin Kurt Perl did an outstanding job running the [survey] lines while keeping the vessel safe, avoiding traffic and lobster pots, and combating high speed and rotary current. These surveys...were extremely challenging. The competence of your captain and the quality of your boat helped result in the most detailed hydrographic survey ever accomplished in the United States."

Walter S. Simmons
Program Manager
Science Application Int'l Corp.
Newport, RI

"...[the principal investigators] for this study have expressed praise for the support provided by Captain Perl and the personnel of the ATLANTIC SURVEYOR directly involved with the support and conduct of the experiments. Their professional competence and cooperation were vital to the overal success of the study. The diligence and perseverance displyed by each of these individuals reflect credit upon themselves and DIVEMASTERS. Please convey my sincere appreciation to them for their contributions to the New York Harbor field study."

Richard A. Sager
Acting Director, Hydraulics Lab
Department of the Army
Waterways Experiment Station
Amy Corps of Engineers
Vicksburg, MS  

15 Pumpshire Road, Toms River, New Jersey 08753
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